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The US Dollar is one of the main currencies Interchange deal with. If you are travelling to America on holiday, buying a property or going over on business then our very competitive dollar exchange rates will save you money when buying and selling Dollars.

The Interchange Dollar exchange rates are always more competitive than the high street banks and your local Post Office. We specialize in currency exchange, convert vast amounts of Sterling and foreign currencies cutting out the middleman enabling us to strike direct reciprocal deals. The bottom line is that we can pass the savings onto our customers and offer a much better currency exchange for the US Dollar and other world currencies.

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We pinpoint the best U.S. Dollar exchange rates

Our proactive approach is to search the foreign exchange markets and pinpoint the best rates available. We can then notify you when it is most advantageous for you to exchange your Sterling into Dollars and visa versa.

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Exchanging Dollars with Interchange is easy. If you are a business client,

If you are a private client and you require personal services such as a property purchase or regular payments abroad,

The US Dollar bank note denominations

U.S Bank Note Denominations


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