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Interchange FX provides a Regular Payments service to assist you when needing to exchange money abroad at regular intervals. Remove exchange rate risks and significantly reduce costs on your international transfers. Five minutes of you time today could save you £300 plus each year.

Benefits of using Interchangefx:-

  • Commercial rate of exchange
  • No transfer charges
  • No commission
  • Fix the exchange rate up to 12 months

So how does it all work?

Our regular foreign currency payment facility is flexible to suit your needs and couldn't be easier.

Once a client, it allows you to fix an exchange rate on international payments up to 12 months in advance. Once the rate has been agreed you will complete and return the beneficiary bank details to our Regular Payments Department, where afterwards you can sit back and relax. You will just have significantly reduced your costs and your hassles. We will ensure that the agreed amount is credited to your nominated account anywhere in the world on the date you specify.

Call our Regular Payments Department on 0207 594 0599 and within 5 minutes one of our Regular Payment Specialists will have explained the whole process and answered all your questions. If you want to save £300 plus per year you can sign up immediately.

So, how much can I realistically save? Is it really worth 5 minutes of my time?


Let's assume you need to transfer €1,150 every month for your overseas mortgage of £8640:


Interchange FX

High Street Bank

Yearly transfer fee


£300 (25*12)

Yearly commission


£276 (2%)

Total yearly charges



If this was your situation and you could save £576 per year, would you spend 5 minutes setting up your regular payments?

How do we do this?

We have relationships with banks all over the world and by using economies of scale we ensure that costs are kept at a minimum. Basically we transfer the bulk of your banks profits into your savings!

How much will this cost?

Nothing, there are NO setup fees, and we do not charge commission.

* A £15 transaction fee is payable on transfers under £10,000. Transfers over £10,000 are free of charge.

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