Single Farm Payment - Making Money Exchange Easy for the Farming Industry

Throughout the UK many farms and agricultural businesses are entitled to the single farm payment from the EU. Many businesses simple rely on their banks to handle the payment for them and lose out financially as the banks give them a poor foreign exchange rate.

If you use Interchange FX for your single farm payment you will save money. When you receive your SP5 form from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) you can choose to receive your single farm payment in sterling or in euros.
If you are looking to maximise your single farm payment we can help you get the money rates and limit your exposure to fluctuations in the currency exchange markets. By using Interchangefx our dedicated foreign exchange brokers have a number of ways to help businesses like yours make the most of your SFP subsidies, protecting you when the exchange rate moves against you.

What is the Single Farm Payment? A brief description

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Single Farm Payment
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