Exchanging Foreign Currency into Sterling

If you wish to exchange foreign currency back into sterling, for example you have just sold your property abroad, Interchange can help you get the best exchange rate and maximize the amount of sterling you receive.

We recommend as with buying foreign currency you avoid using the major high street banks when selling foreign currency. Overseas banks offer you poor exchange rates and often charge you a substantial fee as well. Interchange has helped thousands of customers just like you exchange foreign currency back into sterling.

Further more, you can be sure there will be no commission charged, and no excessive fee for the onward transmission of your sterling

How to Exchange Foreign Currency into Sterling

Step 1

Open an account with us

Sign up for a no obligation trading account. It is simple and straightforward. Once this is done one of our dealers will contact you at a time of your convenience.

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Discuss your foreign currency selling requirements

Your personal account dealer will provide you with up-to-date views on market trends, and suggest strategies to meet your objectives and maximize your potential currency exchange savings.
Depending on your risk profile and what time frame you have to exchange your currency we will try to achieve a target exchange rate (Market Order) or simply transact your currency at the current market exchange rate. Your dealer will help you achieve the best deal possible depending on your personal needs.

Step 3

Buy Sterling and transfer your foreign currency

Having discussed your requirements your dealer will offer you the best Sterling rate possible. If you are happy with the rate offered, you should instruct your dealer to proceed with the transaction. Please note all our phone calls are recorded to ensure that your verbal instruction has been accurately executed. Your verbal instruction to buy or sell currency is a legally binding contract between yourself and InterchangeFX.

Whatever your current situation, it is important to identify and minimise the risks if the market may moves against you. Interchange gives you the access to a number of currency exchange options ensuring your foreign currency to sterling transaction is painless and hassle free.

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