Tourist Foreign Exchange Rates

If you are travelling abroad either on business or on holiday it is very important you find the best tourist foreign exchange rates on the currency you require. 

At Interchange we specialise in foreign currency ensuring our tourist exchange rates are the most competitive as possible making sure your money goes further and you end up with more spending money in your pocket.

Click here for the very latest tourist exchange rates. These rates are changed daily and are set in conjunction with the international currency markets.

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Why our currency rates are so competitive.

At InterchangeFX we deal in vast amounts of currencies on a daily basis. Because of our buying power we can broker discounts from the major banks and pass the savings we make onto you our customers.

Keep track on the tourist exchange rates

Interchange offers you a number of free currency exchange tools to keep track on the exchange rates. Click here to view our live currency rates. This tool is handy to keep track on what the currency markets are doing. It is updated every minute. Don't forget to bookmark the page! *Please note these are the currency rates that the major banks conduct business amonsgt and not the tourist exchange rates that we can offer.

We also have currency exchange live charts. This tool is particularly good to view market trends. Click here to view.

Forward currency exchange service

If you have some time before you travel then you may wish to take advantage of forward currency rate service. The tourist exchange rates we offer with this service are excellent giving you a far better exchange rate than the current market rates. Click here to view.

Tourist foreign exchange rates personal service

As with both business and personal customers Interchange offers you a personal service. Once you become an Interchange customer you are allocated a personal currency broker who is on hand to help you with any questions you might have regarding exchanging foreign currency. We don't do lengthy call centers; just honest old fashioned excellent customer service.

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