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Fixed Term Forward Contract

If you have a commitment to pay foreign exchange money on a set date in the future: for example a stage payment on the purchase of a house under construction abroad or paying for company supplies then Interchange has a solution to help you save money.

Our fixed term forward contracts allows you to fix at a known level of Pounds Sterling for up to 12 months in advance. Your currency exchange payments will be unaffected by any subsequent fluctuations in the exchange rates.

Our fixed term forward contract acts as an insurance and is popular with companies as it ensures that monies owed or due to them in foreign currency is a known quantity in Pounds Sterling.

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Forward Time Option Contract

Another popular service we offer is the forward time option contract. This is used where the date of a future foreign exchange payment may change. If for example your company has ordered some goods from oversees and there isn't a set supply date but your suppliers can realistically estimate a supply date within a three-month window a forward time contract will work for you.

It gives you the flexibility of electing to claim your foreign currency at anytime between two predetermined dates up to 90 days apart.

Protect Your Cash Flow, Cap Your Costs

The added advantage of a foreign currency exchange forward contract is that you only need to to make a deposit of 10% of the contract value. This allows you to cap the cost of your future foreign currency commitment, while ensuring your capital until the payments are due.

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